Level II Hoarding Exam

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Required readings:

  • Overcoming Compulsive Hoarding, by Fugen Neziroglu, Jerome Bubrick and Jose Yaryura-Tobias, 2004. A book for people who hoard and for their families. This book provides background on the phenomenon of hoarding and gives direction on how to address it, both as self-help and as family intervention. Helpful to professional organizers in developing a general understanding of hoarding or a plan for assisting a specific client.
  • Compulsive Hoarding and Acquiring workbook, by Gail Steketee & Randy O. Frost, 2007. A self-help workbook for people who hoard. Useful for professional organizers to help clients articulate their specific challenges and to walk them through the change process. (Note: A companion guide was also published for therapists who provide clinical treatment for hoarding.  
  • Buried in Treasures: Help for compulsive acquiring, saving, and hoarding, by David F. Tolin, Randy O. Frost, & Gail Steketee, 2007. Introduction to the phenomenon of hoarding for people who hoard and their families. Helpful to professional organizers in conceptualizing the problem of hoarding and ways to address it.
  • Digging out: Helping your loved one manage clutter, hoarding, and compulsive acquiring by Michael A. Tompkins, & Tamara L. Hartl, 2009. Introduction to the concept of harm reduction—the improvement and not necessarily the elimination of a problem behavior—as it applies to hoarding behavior. Helpful when working with the client’s family and with clients who are unable or unwilling to fully dismantle their hoard.
Level II Hoarding Exam01:00:00
Level II Hoarding Exam 01:00:00
Hoarding Exam Study Session
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